La sophrologie c’est quoi ?

La Sophrologie est un ensemble d’exercices de relaxation, de visualisation et de concentration qui permet de développer nos capacités personnelles et d’améliorer ainsi notre existence quotidienne. L’étymologie de sophrologie vient du grec : SOS : harmonie – PHROS : conscience et LOGOS : étude.

La Sophrologie est créée en 1960, à Madrid, par le Professeur neuropsychiatre, Alfonso CAYCEDO.

La relaxation c’est quoi ?

Nous vivons à une époque où tout va très vite, où la plupart des gens ne prennent pas le temps de se détendre et si nous savons aujourd’hui de tels problèmes dans la société moderne, il n’est sûrement pas un hasard. Nous allons voir comment la relaxation peut être un outil indispensable pour éviter les ennuis et l’angoisse et le stress.

La relaxation représente un relâchement corporel total qui est lié au délassement de tonus musculaire.

Who am I ?

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Individual analysis

Everyone is unique and needs to be understood in her/his unique life story.

An individual analysis is a process of exploration and discovery of yourself. Within this process a secure therapeutic relationship is the key element. This relationship provides you a secure space to talk about your own life story, your pain, your suffering, your distress and your mental blocks. As a clinical psychologist, I will accompany and guide you to learn to put all the pieces of your puzzle back together. This will naturally brings about changes leading to loving and accepting every aspect of your life. Psychologist Schaerbeek

Individual Therapy can:

  • Help you regain the courage to respond to the challenges that life places in your path;
  • Show you how to observe what you bring into your personal and professional relationships
    and explore better options to respond to them;
  • Enable you to stop reading from the scripts written by others and begin to compose your
    own lines;
  • Give you the inspiration to remember who you are, what you actually want, and what
    choices you need to make;
  • Teach you how to embrace the whole range of experiences that life has for you without
    losing your balance.

Couple Counselling Psychologist Schaerbeek

When communication fails and conflict prevails, professional help can make a difference.

A couple is a fragile and profoundly meaningful organism, as complex and paradoxical as the most mysterious riddle. In a relationship, nobody wins if anyone is losing. There are no rights or wrongs, but two separate perspectives co-existing and co-creating one another all the time. Each party’s role is constantly being moulded by the assumptions and beliefs of the other. Additionally, social, cultural, biological and spiritual influences present the two people in love with even more perspectives to juggle.

Particular dynamics of relationships in a couple are manifesting hidden narratives, which in turn contribute to shaping the interpersonal experience. The system or the constellation that gives the context to a couple influences individual fears and hopes. When the story of a couple becomes the cause of pain, the story needs to be re-told. Nothing feels worse than the frustration, anger and disappointment of needing love and getting pain. The aim of couple therapy is to illuminate all and every one of these influences so that a negative narrative can be reviewed and communication improved.

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Psychologist Schaerbeek